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Seasonal Rejuvenation: Elevating Your Yacht’s Spa Amenities

Apr 25, 2024

As we edge close to the beginning of the Summer Season for Superyachts in the Med, this time of year brings with it one of the many pre-season tasks: preparing the onboard spa facilities. This includes the array of pools, jacuzzis, saunas, and steam rooms, ensuring they are ready for the lively months ahead. With a dedication to excellence and an exclusive focus on Octo Marine’s Pool & Spa Treatment products, this guide aims to provide you with the products needed to ensure the spa amenities onboard offer a hygienic, safe and luxurious environment for your guests onboard their charter.

The transition of spa facilities from their winter break to their spring and summer readiness requires careful planning and meticulous execution. Regardless of their use during the cooler months, a structured approach is vital to ensure they reemerge as the pinnacle of rejuvenation for both guests and crew.

Comprehensive Cleaning: The Cornerstone of Spa Preparedness


Draining and Debris Clearance

Starting with a complete draining of pools, jacuzzis, and water features is recommended. This initial step is critical for removing any debris or sediment and for assessing the cleanliness and overall condition of the spa areas.

Deep Cleaning Beyond the Surface

Following draining, a deep clean of all spa surfaces, from the tiles to the seating areas within saunas and steam rooms, is necessary. Employing specialised cleaning agents is imperative to eradicate mold, mildew, or biofilm, particularly in moisture-prone areas.

Water Testing Equipment for yachts

Inspection and Maintenance: Securing Structural and Operational Excellence


Filter Examination and Replacement

Regularly replacing the filters in all spa systems and checking for signs of wear or damage is crucial to maintain water clarity and hygiene. Octo Marine’s advanced filtration solutions are designed to ensure that your spa water remains pristine and inviting.

Pipework and Heating System Checks

This period is an opportune time to inspect the pipework and heating mechanisms that are essential for the functionality of jacuzzis, pools, and steam generation in saunas and steam rooms. Employing Octo Marine’s Pipework Cleaner aids in clearing any potential blockages while also disinfecting and preventing bacteria proliferation and ensuring system longevity.

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Water Refilling and Chemical Treatment

Methodical Refilling

After ensuring the cleanliness and structural integrity of the spa facilities, methodically refilling them is crucial. This step is especially important for pools and jacuzzis to prepare them for chemical treatment processes. Check for any leaks in the pipes, valves, casings or motor and arrange for a qualified technician if you do encounter any significant repairs.

Testing for Legionella and Pseudomonas

Once you have refilled your spa facilities, testing for legionella and pseudomonas should be carried out straight away before the addition of any chemicals. This should then be carried out every 3 months as a preventative measure.

Precise Chemical Balancing

Achieving the perfect chemical balance in your spa water is essential. At this point, you should focus on testing the pH balance, sanitiser levels and alkalinity, and carefully adjusting each as needed. Octo Marine’s pH-Plus or pH-Minus treatments allow for precise water condition adjustments, ensuring a harmonious balance conducive to both equipment durability and guest comfort.

Total Alkalinity

Managing the total alkalinity (TA) of your spa’s water is another key step, as imbalances can lead to issues such as itchy, dry skin or eye irritation, along with potential corrosive effects on the spa surface. The ideal TA level for spa water is between 80-120 ppm (parts per million). Octo Marine’s Alca-Plus is perfect for raising the TA, when required.

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Sanitising Your Spa Water

Traditional sanitising methods like chlorine or bromine can cause discomfort for those with sensitive skin. An effective alternative is using active oxygen treatments, which are odour-free and hassle-free. Octo Marine’s Active Oxygen Activator, used in conjunction with Active Oxygen Granules, enhances the disinfecting action, ensuring your spa water remains safe and clean throughout the season.

Be aware that any number of chemicals or agents can come into contact with your spa’s water throughout the season. Certain types of body care products, lotions or soaps can leave unwanted residue or foam on your water’s surface, which can be tough to remove without having to drain and refill the spa entirely. We recommend taking precautions against these types of issues by using Octo Marine’s Anti-Foam treatment, which works to remove any unwanted residue that may occur.

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Beyond Basic Maintenance: Enhancing the Spa Experience

Saunas and Steam Rooms

As we see more and more saunas and steam rooms onboard superyachts, ensuring these spaces are ready for use includes checking the integrity of seating areas, heat sources, and door seals. Introducing essential oil diffusion systems can significantly enhance the sensory experience.

Customisation and Personalisation: Tailoring Unforgettable Moments

The final preparations should take advantage of personalisation. From selecting bespoke towels to curating spa menus, each detail plays a crucial role in defining the ambiance and luxury of the onboard spa experience. Incorporating elements that resonate with the unique preferences of your guests ensures their spa time is unparalleled.

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Octo Marine: Elevating Luxury and Relaxation

With Octo Marine’s extensive range of Spa Treatment products combined our technical expertise and recommendations, your superyacht’s spa facilities are guaranteed to not just meet but surpass the highest standards of luxury, comfort and safety. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service ensures your spa areas remain impeccable, inviting, and ready to deliver an extraordinary level of rejuvenation.

As you look forward to the delights of the season, allow Octo Marine to assist in transforming your spa facilities into the ultimate sanctuaries of relaxation and luxury. Contact Us to discover how our products and services can redefine your yacht’s spa experience.

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