AquaBase Watermaker

Aqua-Base Watermakers, Desalinators & Water Systems

Octo Marine stocks a wide range of Aqua-Base Reverse Osmosis Watermakers and compatible accessories.

Why use Aqua-Base Watermakers ?

SLCE have designed Aqua-Base Watermakers to meet your needs for freshwater for your yacht. The AQUA-BASE sea water desalinators come with detailed instructions.  They also come with an installation kit making setup and use very easy. AQUA-BASE offer two desalinator options including the classic X & Y ranges. All series have been granted a certification by Bureau Veritas.

SLCE watermakers develops standard or tailor-made reverse-osmosis water treatment equipment. Reverse osmosis is a process that desalts seawater or demineralised brackish water through the use of a semi-permeable membrane. This membrane allows molecules of water to pass and blocks the salts as well as all the organic compounds. The water that passes through it is purified, mineral and drinkable.

The two versions are available are the “Essential” version (ESB), without electronics and a “Comfort” version (ESW), fully automatic.

The Standard features of ESB are as follows. Firstly, a low pressure pump. Secondly, a 5 microns filter. Thirdly, an energy recovery device and high rejection membrane. Finally, the ESB has low and high pressure mechanical safety & pressure gauges.

The Standard features of ESW include all the features of the ESB. The ESW also includes a water shortage safety as well as an automatic control of salinity.

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