Seafresh Watermakers, Desalinators & Reverses Osmosis Water Systems

Octo Marine stocks a wide range of Seafresh Desalinators and compatible accessories.

Aqua-Base Desalinators

Cathelco Seafresh desalinators – reliable technology with worldwide service support. Seafresh have been designing and manufacturing desalinators for more than 30 years. The desalinators are based on reverse osmosis technology, a well established and reliable method of turning sea water into potable water. The award winning Seafresh designs have gained a reputation for reliability, durability and ease of operation on more than 1,800 craft around the world. These include installations on all types of small commercial craft including ferries, research vessels, offshore supply vessels, tugs and fishing craft.

The list below shows the range of Cathelco Seafresh branded and compatible products currently available on our website. For more information contact us at +33 (0)4 93 65 04 84 or by email at info@octomarine.net.