Water Testing & Analysis

Setting The Standard

At Octo Marine, via Hydrus Laboratory SAS, we guarantee top-tier water testing and analysis services for yachts across the Mediterranean and beyond. Our yacht-specific offerings deliver in-depth, confidential reports, empowering you to maintain your water’s safety and compliance.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and run by expert technicians trained and audited according to ISO 17025 standards, our laboratory pledges unmatched accuracy and reliability in results.

The Leading Yacht

Water Testing Provider

Our water testing services are conducted with the utmost accuracy and care, adhering to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standards. We cover a wide spectrum of essential water quality parameters, ensuring every aspect of your water is tested thoroughly, including:

Bacterial and Legionella Testing

Identifying harmful bacteria to prevent health risks and ensuring safe water onboard.

Physiochemical Requirements

Comprehensive testing to analyse the physical and chemical characteristics of your water.

Mineral and Corrosion Analysis:

Assessing for potential damage to your system that may affect water taste and quality.

Residual Sterilisation

The ensure your onboard sterilisation equipment is working at its best.

Guests enjoying pristine water quality for swimming and water sports on a superyacht, thanks to Octo Marine's tailored water solutions.

High Fog & Misting Systems

Ensures systems operate safely, guarding against airborne contaminants.

Water Treatment Plans

Offers bespoke plans to prevent water-related hazards, aligning with global standards.

Certification for Ships’ Sanitation

Our Water Testing and Analysis Services come complete with all necessary reports and documentation recognised by port authorities around the world in order to obtain a ship’s certificate of sanitation.

Safe Drinking Water Onboard Yachts
Yacht Water Testing Lab
Hydrus Water Testing for Yachts
Superyacht Water Analysis
Maintain Yacht Water Quality

Professional Sampling &
Confidential Reporting

Experienced Technicians: Our team, trained under ISO 19458 guidelines, are skilled in precise water sampling, ensuring every test is performed accurately and efficiently.

Confidential Results: We provide detailed, confidential reports, allowing you to address any issues promptly while ensuring your privacy.

Accepted Worldwide: Our analysis and reports are recognised and respected by port authorities globally, aiding in obtaining ships’ certificates of sanitation.

Safe Drinking Water Onboard Yachts
Octo Marine Team

The Octo Marine Treatment Solution

As part of our analysis service, we will provide advice on the correct course of action in response to infections within the water distribution systems onboard, with effective treatment methods, including Hydrasil Ag+ and Hypochlorination applications. Our qualified technicians can carry out the process if required.

We can also provide potable water equipment surveys, freshwater safety plans and potable water logbooks for your yacht.

Why Choose Octo Marine?

Experts in Yacht Water Treatment

Our years of experience in the superyacht industry translate into a deep understanding of your unique needs.

Qualified Technicians

Our team of skilled engineers are proficient in installing and maintaining our systems throughout France, Spain, and Italy.

Quality Assurance

As an ISO 9001 accredited company, we hold our products and services to the highest standards of quality, ensuring reliability and durability.

Customer-Centric Approach

We prioritise understanding and fulfilling your specific requirements, tailoring personalised solutions to each yacht.

Sustainable Practices

Octo Marine is dedicated to promoting ocean conservation and sustainable practices in all our operations, thorough our ISO 14001 accreditation and our support of numerous charities

Compliance and Certification

Our partnership with Hydrus Laboratory SAS, working under ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standards, ensures our testing services meet global standards. We provide trained personnel for water sampling under ISO 19458, with results accepted by port authorities, aiding in obtaining ships’ certificates of sanitation.

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