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Ensuring Fresh Water Safety on Superyachts and Marine Vessels

Feb 1, 2023

Upholding Water Safety Standards for Crew and Guests

Maintaining fresh water safety is crucial for the well-being of crew and guests aboard superyachts. Adhering to regulations not only ensures the health of everyone onboard but also guarantees uninterrupted chartering operations.

The Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) MLC2006 sets rigorous standards for fresh water loading, onboard production, sterilisation, and storage on all marine vessels. It’s mandatory for vessels to provide safe water for drinking, washing, food preparation, and recreational activities, including swimming pools and hot tubs. Furthermore, water used for yacht maintenance, such as in laundry, air conditioning, cleaning, and fire control systems, must comply with these standards.

From Source to Tap: Ensuring Water Quality Onboard

Superyachts typically source water either from onshore supplies or through reverse osmosis processes. Once onboard, this water must meet specific safety standards. Our approach at Octo Marine involves using equipment aligned with WHO and International Water Association (IWA) guidelines to prevent chemical or microbial contamination. However, the most effective strategy for ensuring potable water safety is a comprehensive risk assessment and management plan.

Fresh Water Safety for Yachts and Marine Vessels

Octo Marine’s Fresh Water Safety Plan

The team at Octo Marine are expert in all things fresh water. Fully trained in all MLC regulations and IWA guidance, we are happy to offer a tailor-made fresh water Safety Plan. With a visit from our specialists, we ensure that the fresh water on board does not pose risks to health in either use or consumption, by providing a step-by-step risk management assessment and plan.

Water analysis should be carried out on a regular basis to ensure that it is of sufficient quality to satisfy both those who use it and the requirements of the current rules, regulations and guidelines. We identify any issues that might be recurring and provide a detailed improvement plan. This plan includes what actions need to be taken to bring the systems back up to a safe functioning level and training on maintaining those levels of safety.

Our team will also establish a record-keeping plan, allowing you to review and monitor the new plan they have put in place. Record keeping is a vital step in water safety as it helps identify any new and recurring issues. We will continue monitoring the latest Water Safety Plan once it is in place, ensuring it complies with all regulations and guidelines.

Water systems on superyachts are complex and require expertise to ensure they are running properly. 

With over two decades of experience in the superyacht industry, Octo Marine offers unparalleled expertise in water systems management. If you’re seeking comprehensive fresh water safety solutions or wish to learn more about our range of products and services, contact us. Let Octo Marine be your partner in navigating the complexities of water safety on your superyacht or marine vessel. 

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