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Octo H2ose – Bunkering Hose – 50m

Blue coloured Potable Water Bunkering Hose.

Octo Water Treatment H2ose bunker hose is especially made to conform to the current legislation of MSN1845 and MLC2006, the hose contains a central core made of HYT/105, this is a food grade bacteriostatic compound that inhibits bacteria from reproducing, the second layer is made from PVC/502, this layer acts as a barrier to stop chemical leeching, with and outer coating of Blue PVC/500, (the Colour required for potable water bunkering). The hose is reinforced with dictex 2X1100, 8 weaves per side, 7 1/2 stiches per inch.

Printed with: OCTO MARINE AQUA H20SE 16 (COLD WATER ONLY) W.R.A.S. REG – 1004503

Working Pressure

12 Bar Max

Burst Pressure

48 Bar Min @ 20ÆC

Safety Factor


Temperature Range

-15ºC to 60ºC

Bend Radius

95mm Min

W.R.A.S Certified

Reg No. 1004503


30m – ABSBH30

50m – ABSBH50

Caution: Do not bunker water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system.

Octo Marine Code No
Brand Codes No
Manufacturer Octo Marine
Compatible Octo Marine
Sizes 50 meters
Options Also available in 30 meters
Product Uses