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Octo Re-Mineralier 25kg

Octo Mineralizer is used for re-mineralization and ph balancing in RO permeate water.

Octo Mineralizer is a natural filter media manufactured from pure calcium carbonate (CaCO3) but unlike many of its rivals also contains magnesium carbonate. It is used for remineralization following reverse osmosis processes or for deacidification of groundwater.

Octo Mineralizer has high reactivity. When used in drinking water treatment, it increases the pH level and therefore facilitates iron and manganese removal.

Lesser Products are often generically called limestone or carbonate.

Complies fully with the following standards and regulations:

  • EN 1018
  • German Drinking Water Ordinance 2001
  • DIN 19643
  • DVGW work sheet W 213
  • ÖNORM 6216
Octo Marine Code LMC25
Brand Codes Lime stone, limestone, CaCO3, Carbonate
Manufacturer Octo Marine
Compatible Octo Marine
Sizes 25Kg
Options Also available in 5 kg
Product Uses