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Reverse osmosis (RO) of seawater is a powerful and necessary water treatment method, but it has a key drawback: it strips water of not just salt and contaminants, but minerals as well. This leaves RO permeate (water maker product water), tasting bland and potentially unpalatable to drink long-term. Remineralization is the process of putting back beneficial minerals. It’s a crucial step in creating healthy drinking water that tastes great and helps to reduce the need for bottled water when at sea.

MINERAL+ Putting the minerals back in RO water

Always ensure your water maker water is sterilized before it enters the tanks.

The Mineral+ Treatment System consists of two parts:

1) Octo advanced microprocessor controlled dosing pump, Mineral+ Product tank with chemical grade foot valve and integral shut-off level sensor, and the Auxiliary Control Unit. These parts are integral on the 4mm epoxy coated aluminium mounting board.

2) K 0,25 Pulse emitting flow meter and non-return chemical grade injection valve. (These Parts should be integrated into a single manifold.)

Octo Marine Code


Brand Codes No
Manufacturer Octo Marine
Compatible Octo Marine Mineral+ 10liter drums
Sizes H550 X W425 X D270MM
Options Other Chemicals Available. Hydrasil Ag+®, Ultralox40®, Micropur®, Multitreat®, Chlorine
Product Uses To put the minerals back in Reverse Osmosis water