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The Importance of Regular Water Testing Onboard Superyachts and Marine Vessels

Jun 19, 2023

Regular water testing is incredibly important for the safe operation of any ocean-going vessel. There are many reasons why you should look after your onboard water supply which is continuously providing your crew and guests with safe drinking water. The Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) MLC2006 regulations contain rigid conditions on all aspects of onboard water handling. It states that all marine vessels should be able to supply an adequate amount of safe water for all eventualities, from drinking and preparing food to fire control and laundry. We have put together the main reasons you should be conducting regular testing and some of the risks that come with an unregulated and untested onboard yacht water supply.

Water Quality Changes

Biofilm formation can be a precursor to the emergence of a microbial outbreak in your yacht plumbing. This occurs as slimy layers of organic matter can develop on the surfaces of your onboard pipework. The biofilm, once established, can be a direct source of harmful pathogens multiplying and being present in your water supply. To ensure safe drinking water on your superyacht you will need to eliminate biofilm as soon as it is detected. We are fully equipped to neutralise biofilms with our hypochlorination and hydrasil applications. We will always retest your water after the detection and removal of biofilms to make sure the issue has been removed completely.

Microbial Contamination

Water is excellent at harbouring and encouraging the growth of bacteria and viruses. If you regularly test your water you can be sure to identify and monitor the presence of the infection in your water supply. E.coli and Legionella are the main culprits in yacht water supply infection and can cause serious illness if inhaled or consumed. It is worth noting that consuming the infected water is not the only way someone can be affected by this bacteria being present; a person can also inhale this as an aerosol through either showering or other onboard water-based recreational activities. At Octo Marine, we can carry out laboratory-grade water testing to identify contaminants, eliminate them and draw up a comprehensive water safety plan to prevent the chances of contamination from reoccurring.

Chemical Contamination

There are a multitude of reasons why chemicals may be present within your water supply. Materials used in the construction of your yacht’s pipework may leech into your water over time. These can range from heavy metals such as lead, copper, arsenic and mercury all the way to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are present in various maintenance supplies such as paints, adhesives and fuel. It is of the utmost importance that these are detected quickly as chemical contamination of a superyacht water supply can be linked to major adverse health effects such as respiratory problems and organ damage. 

With Octo Marine, you can be sure that our yacht water treatment and water purification systems, if maintained correctly, will act as a major preventative measure for all of the above risks. We also offer thorough quality water testing to make sure that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your superyacht water supply is contaminant free and safe for consumption.

If you are interested in any of the water treatment solutions that we have at our disposal or want to schedule a quality water test of your superyacht water supply, contact us today!

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