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Octo Marine at the MYBA Charter Show 2023

Apr 18, 2023

Octo Marine Logo and MYBA Charter Show Logo, on light blue water background

The upcoming MYBA Charter Show 2023 is fast approaching. Join us at Marina Port Vell, Barcelona on the 24th – 27th of April where we will be showcasing our sustainable water provisioning and treatment capabilities. At Octo Marine, we understand that we need to pay special attention to ocean conservation and we are delighted to be the chosen sustainability sponsor for the show.

As an industry based at sea, it is vital that we do our part when it comes to conservation. The yachting industry is a huge contributor to the ever-growing plastic pollution problem, with Superyacht crews consuming an estimated 3.2 million plastic bottles of water, each year. This is why, at this year’s show, we will be on hand to provide an eco-friendly solution to dispensing clean and refreshing drinking water to the attendees. Stationed around the marina we will be running water stations from which visitors can fill their water bottles.

“Fresh accessible water for everyone.”


The main aim of our presence at MYBA is to provide fresh accessible water for everyone. Water will be dispensed as ambient, chilled or sparkling for maximum convenience. The quality of the water supplied is of paramount importance, so those attending the charter show are more inclined to fill their own bottles instead of purchasing water from elsewhere. Our whole team holds around 30 years of experience in the marine-based water treatment industry and therefore knows what is best when it comes to the provision of fresh and clean drinking water.

On top of the water stations, we will be offering our free Octo Marine aluminium reusable water bottles as part of our Think Outside The Bottle initiative. Think Outside The Bottle, is our campaign to help reduce the amount of single-use plastic waste produced when purchasing and consuming bottled water.

Octo Marine Brand Bottles On Dockside In Front Of Marina

“We must take big steps to prevent further damage to the marine environment.”


With coral reefs producing around 50% of the earth’s oxygen, while also absorbing nearly one-third of the carbon dioxide generated from burning fossil fuels, the preservation of our world’s oceans still remains one of the biggest environmental goals of our time. The abundance of plastic waste is devastating for all manner of sea life and we must take big steps to prevent further damage to the marine environment. Over 8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year and a significant amount of the litter consists of discarded drinks bottles.

One of the worst examples of marine pollution on the planet is surely the Pacific Ocean garbage patch; a large area of refuse floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where sea currents converge. As well as the unsightliness of such a large amount of ocean waste, wildlife can get tangled in or ingest plastic resulting in 100,000 animal deaths every year on average.

In reflection of this, our core environmental ethos as a company is to provide clean, safe, and sustainable water to passengers and crew onboard superyachts, in a way that reduces any detrimental ecological effects. With the latest in onboard water treatment and desalination systems for yachts, Octo Marine can provide a solution that is environmentally friendly.

If you are at the MYBA Charter Show this April, make sure you visit one of our water stations where we can show you the future of sustainable marine-based water provision.

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