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M70 Soda Chilled, Sparkling And Ambient Drinking Water

Reduce your environmental impact with M70 Soda. With unlimited Chilled and Sparkling water on tap, you’ll never have to buy plastic bottled water again. So that’s reduced carbon footprint, zero food miles and no plastics waste.

The Octo Water Treatment M70 Soda, is designed to fit neatly under the counter and unlike the M25 Soda, utilizes an ice bank, this feature allows for a higher chilled water flow rate, making ideal for serving higher numbers of crew and guests.

The M70 SODA is an under counter water cooler, which provides cold, cold sparkling and water at room temperature, through our push button ergonomically designed electronic faucet. the M70 Soda is capable of delivering 70 l/h of chilled or chilled sparkling water. Made of stainless steel this unit is durable and easy to clean.


Cooling performance between 8 – 12 °C:

(rated at a room temp. of 25°C and inlet water temp. of 20°C)




Performance of carbonator pump:

(max. sparkling water flow rate)


70LPH, at a constant 10 degrees oC

Compressor performance per hour:

(rated at lowest thermostat setting of 5°C)

340 watts / 292 Kcal
Compressor size: 1/6 hp
Type of refrigerant:  R290
Refrigeration cooler material: stainless steel V4A (1.4401 / AISI 316)
Size of water & CO2 gas connection: 8mm
Weight: 27kg
Dimensions W280 x D453 x H420mm
Faucet Easy to use electronic tap

Supplied with an option of filtration units and either a large 4kg CO2 bottle or a small 600g CO2 bottle