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Slimline 5 Stage Drinking Water System

The Slimline 5 stage drinking water system was designed to produce high quality drinking water and replace the need for bottled water, saving space, money but most of all as a high quality, ecologically responsible answer to a growing problem.

This Slimline drinking water filtration unit is our Flagship water system in the ‘THINK OUTSIDE THE BOTTLE’ campaign, to reduce the amount of plastic bottles used and by so doing, reduce the plastic waste and unnecessary CO2 impact, whilst drinking healthy treated water.

Currently installed on hundreds of yachts and superyachts it delivers clean, fresh tasting drinking water.

The Octo Slimline 5 stage system incorporates the following;

  1. 5 Micron pre-filtration.
  2. Carbon filter for chemical removal and taste, odour enhancement.
  3. Mineral Filter to revitalize and minerals.
  4. Bio ceramic Far infrared filter to stimulate blood circulation, activate somatic cells and improve the body’s metabolism and re-hydrate faster.
  5. Ultra-filtration membrane 0.01μ to remove organic and inorganic polymeric molecules, bacteria, viruses and cysts.

Also supplied with a potable water faucet and both 1/2″ and 3/8″ adaptors with valve, simply mount the unit in a cupboard and enjoy the benefits of high quality drinking water.

Octo Marine Code


Brand Codes No
Manufacturer Octo Marine
Compatible Octo Marine
Sizes System – 350 x 380 x 80mm | Faucet – 256 x 142mm
5 Stage Filters

ILPF5, ILTOR, ILBTS to be changed every 3 months

ILBCFIR, ILUFM to be changed every 6 months

We also recommend you change your inline replacement fittings annually – order code 97000204

Product Uses Drinking Water Filtration