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Sustainable Superyachts: Saying No to Disposable Plastics on Board

Jul 19, 2023

Confronting the Oceanic Plastic Crisis: The Stark Reality

The allure of superyachts is undeniable, yet as they traverse the world’s oceans, a stark environmental challenge looms. Each year, over 12 million tonnes of plastic waste finds its way into our oceans, contributing to disasters like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is now estimated to be three times the size of France. This overwhelming accumulation of plastic not only threatens marine life but also the pristine nature of the very waters these yachts sail.

Traditionally, the reliance on single-use plastics for water and other amenities on superyachts has been a significant contributor to this problem. Recognizing their unique position, the superyacht community is spearheading efforts to reduce disposable plastic onboard. This shift is not merely a response to a growing environmental consciousness but also an anticipatory move towards complying with upcoming regulations focused on sustainability from the Euopean Commission for shipyards to comply with, ensuring new builds are planned with more sustainable practices in mind, from engines built for bio fuels, to better wastewater disposal systems.

Embracing Self-Sufficiency: The Role of Desalination and Water Filtration

Storing water on board can require a lot of maintenance and testing, which is why superyachts often rely on large quantities of bottled water to cater to the needs of guests and crew. However, this practice contributes to the staggering plastic waste generated on board. In an attempt to reduce their plastic consumption, many superyachts now install desalination water makers and sterilisation systems on board. These innovative systems convert seawater into fresh water, and then sterilise it, producing water on demand. Allowing the superyachts to significantly reduce their plastic waste footprint while ensuring a constant supply of clean, safe water.

Likewise, equipping superyachts with advanced water filtration drinking systems is another essential step towards reducing disposable plastic waste. These systems use state-of-the-art filtration technologies to remove impurities, contaminants, and bacteria from onboard water sources, including desalinated water. By providing safe and high-quality drinking water directly from the yacht’s taps, these systems eliminate the need for bottled water altogether. Encouraging guests and crew to refill their bottles from these filtered water sources will significantly reduce plastic waste on board.

At Octo Marine, we are no strangers to encouraging the use of refillable aluminium drinking bottles. They are an effective way to combat the disposable plastic problem on superyachts as they are lightweight, durable, and provide excellent insulation, ensuring beverages remain cool and refreshing. By providing guests and crew with their own branded aluminium bottles, superyachts can inspire a culture of sustainability. Strategically placed refill stations, featuring filtered water dispensers including hot, cold, and sparkling water will encourage everyone on board to opt for reusable bottles, minimising the need for single-use plastic alternatives.

Setting New Standards in Luxury and Responsibility

Taking steps to reduce disposable plastic waste is not only a responsible choice but also a way for the superyacht industry to lead by example in environmental stewardship. Octo Marine are able to assist you in making the right changes on board. We take pride in offering some of the industry’s best desalination water makers, sterilisation systems, and water filtration drinking systems. We also have our own range of refillable aluminium bottles from our ‘Think Outside the Bottle’ campaign that superyachts can use significantly decrease their reliance on single-use plastics. The combined efforts of crew, guests, and yacht owners can transform these sustainable practices into the new norm.

The commitment to sustainability is an ongoing journey, and every action taken on board these magnificent vessels plays a crucial role in preserving our marine ecosystems. Join Octo Marine in this important endeavor to make sustainable practices the norm in the superyacht industry, ensuring that luxury and environmental stewardship sail hand in hand.

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