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HydrasilAg+ Multi Photometer

This product was developed by Octo Marine in 2024 giving highly accurate repeatable results with a testing range from 0 -180ppm. WiFi & Bluetooth equipped. Test up to 3 samples in parallel.

The photometer comes complete with a cut foam, hard shell ABS carrying case, HydrasilAg+ pt1 (AB1 liquid) & Pt2 (powder) reagents (50 tests), built-in but replaceable triple-cuvette, light shield, 3 x AA batteries & stirring rods and a 10ml plastic syringe.

HydrasilAg+ Multi Photometer Specifications

Measurable Range 0.00~180 ppm
LED : 460mn (only chamber 2), 525nm, 590nm, 625nm
Memory : Max. 1200 measurements
Operating Environment 5°C to 45°C
Power Source Alkali size AA battery (1. 5 V): 3 pcs
Automatic power-off After 5 minutes without use


Octo Marine Code


Brand Codes Octo Marine, Hydrasil Photometer
Manufacturer Octo Marine
Compatible HydrasilAg+ 35% or 50%
Product Uses Measuring the level of Hydrasil Ag+ in your fresh water onboard yachts