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Free Chlorine Hand Held Photometer

Free chlorine handy photometer, range: 0.00 to 2.50 mg/L of Cl2, accuracy: 3% of reading. Supplied in carton box including 2 cuvets, reagents and instruction manual.

This revolutionary new range of handy photometers are compact and easy to use, have a modern design, and the MW10 measures Free Chlorine. It’s main advantages are the small size, and simplicity when using. Within a few minutes you can get the required result on the LCD and the instrument directly displays the concentration of the specific component in ppm. The meter automatically turns off after 2 minutes in order to save the battery.

When specific reagents are added, the water sample takes on a degree of coloration that is proportional to the concentration of the parameter being measured. The photometer measures this coloration. When a light beam passes through the coloured sample, energy with a specific wavelength is absorbed by the test substance. The photometer determines the coloration of the sample by measuring the transmission or absorption of light of this wavelength. The photometer then uses a microprocessor to calculate the concentration and displays the result.

Octo Marine Code 2063310
Brand Codes MW10, MW 10
Manufacturer Octo Marine
Compatible Octo Marine
Sizes 81.5 x 61 x 37.5mm
Options Mi526-25 Free Chlorine powder reagent, 25 pcs.
Product Uses