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Field Incubator

Small compact incubator for bacterial testing of water.

Especially designed for the analysis of water samples for bacterial content, from potable and environmental sources. Conceived and constructed by Octo Water Treatment (a subsidiary of Octo Marine SAS) it has undergone extensive testing to ensure high quality, ease of use and accurate temperature control at an affordable price.

This compact Incubator is fitted with four 24VDC ceramic heating elements, controlled by a high grade NTC thermistor and features a PLC control system. This system can be programmed by the client to meet the most demanding of environments. Integrated within the system are several safety features to ensure trouble free use and accurate incubation of water samples.

The incubator can be powered by 100-230V AC or 12v DC, and incorporates a quiet and efficient convector fan, which provides an even heat distribution.

The system encompasses functions not found in other incubators, providing greater control over a wider range of situations and test media.

Heating Range


Thermostatic control


Thermostatic stability


Operating Environment

10°C to 40°C

Power Sources

100-240 VAC & 24 VDC


Inbuilt sensor calibration program

Control Source

Microprocessor controlled

Heating control

Microprocessor micro adjustment from 0-100%

Max Fan Air flow

@High 32.95 CFM


Auto heater cut off on fan failure


258 mm (L) x 243 mm (W) x 118 (H)


Case IP67-Rated –Water resistant and Dust proof

Incubator Hinges

Full Length Hinges and Corrosion Free Hinges


1490 g (1.49kg)

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