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Silver Ion Photometer Reagent Kit

Simple and easy to use cost effective reagents, each pack will perform 100 silver ion tests.
The AG5603 Reagent Kit is for use with the AG5603 Silver Ion photometer. Used for accurately testing silver ion concentrations in drinking water, can be used along with MLC2006 procedures for ensuring sterilization levels are correct.
Octo Marine Code AG5603RK
Brand Codes No
Manufacturer Octo Marine
Compatible Octo Marine
Sizes No
Options Silver Calibration and silver photometer
Product Uses Calibration Kit for the Analysis of Silver Ions, Copper & Silver Water Sterilization Equipment, Easy to use Calibration Kit for Silver Ions, Laboratory Use Silver Ion Analysis, On Board MLC Compliance Silver Ion Testing, Rapid & Reliable Silver Ion Testing, Rapid Reagents for Silver Ion Analysis, Reagent Kit for the Analysis of Silver Ions in Water, Remotely Monitored Silver & Copper Sterilization, Silver Copper Ioniser for Safe Drinking Water, Silver Ion Testing in Drinking Water, Analysis, Water Analysis, Laboratory